Fairdale High School looks forward to another successful year with our R.I.S.E program. Students will have flexibility of working with different teachers and will better learn time management skills.  As students transition into young adults we hope to encourage more responsibility of seeking resources and asking for help when needed.

Academic Support Sites

For online academic help by content check out the ACADEMIC RESOURCE tab located in the tool bar above.



The grade level for a high school student is deteremined by the number of credits he/she has at the beginning of the academic year.  To be considered a Sophomore a student must have at least 5 credits, a Junior must show at least 11 credits and a Senior must have at least 16 credits.


Students have the opportunity to receive 7.5 credits each year on the trimester schedule.


Students must receive 22 credits for graduation and these 22 credits must fulfill the state of Kentucky's graduation requirements.

New with the Class of 2019 - students must also successfully defend their Backpack of Success Skills and pass the Civics exam. 


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