Contact Your Counselor

The Counselors are still working and are here if you need.

All counselors can be reached at the numbers below by text, phone or by email during the hours of 8 am - 3 pm. By phone, you will be asked to state your name, then it will connect to us.  If we are working with someone else, you will be available to leave a message and we can call you back as soon as possible. If you contact us outside of these hours, and we are available during that time we will communicate back with you but, you may not be contacted until the next work day.  

twitter: @Counselors_FHS

Mrs. Joan Alvey - All students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) 

Google Phone: 502.822.6691


Mrs. Volinda Heimann 

Global Service Academy - Visual and Performing Arts, Cyber Engineering, Education, Cambridge, ESL

Google Phone: 502.822.6577


Mr. Geoffrey James

Public Service Academy - Diesel Tech, Heavy Equipment, Patient Care Tech/Nursing

Google Phone: 502.536.9138


Mrs. Dotti Smith

Civil Service Academy - Fire Science, Law Enforcement

Google Phone: 502.536.9198

Resources available 24/7 for emotional support:

  • If you are in crisis (ANY painful emotion, for which you need support), text HOME to 741741.  Within minutes, a crisis counselor will text you back to start a conversation. 

  • If needed, you may call the Suicide Prevention Hotline @1.800.723.8255​​

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