Eleventh Grade College Planning Timeline



  • Discuss your college plans with your school counselor, parents or another trusted adult.

  • Check out March 2 Success, a free web site that can help you in language arts, mathematics, and science.

  • Talk about college cost, location, housing and other subjects with your parents.

  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities and community volunteer work. Take leadership roles if possible.



  • Make a list of schools you’re interested in attending.

  • Start investigating sources of financial aid. Take note of deadlines and plan accordingly.

  • Visit college fairs, open houses and college web sites.



  • Students interested in pursuing the Governor's Scholar Program need to take the PSAT. This test is offered at Fairdale. It’s good practice for the SAT and may qualify you for a National Merit Scholarship.

  • Consider taking ACT and SAT prep courses. Kentucky requires all juniors in public high schools to take the ACT.

  • Attend Fairdale's College and Career Fair. Meet with many college representatives and learn about each school.



  • Students interested in pursuing the Governor's Scholar Program should be working on their application.  Meetings will be held with you counselor and announcements will be made.



  • Keep checking out the colleges in which you’re interested.


  • Use Affording Higher Education and the Scholarship Search link on kheaa.com to search for scholarships. The sooner you start looking, the easier it will be to select some to apply to during your senior year.


  • Check out registration dates and times for the ACT if you want to take one in the spring. You will take one with school in March.



  • Plan campus visits for spring break.



  • ACT TEST!! This will be a free test given at school. 

  • Get ready for AP exams.

  • Work on your college admissions résumé, which highlights your high school accomplishments. It will help when you fill out applications, meet with interviewers, ask for recommendations and apply for scholarships.

  • Visit College Campuses you are interested in attending during Spring Break!

  • Meet one on one with your Guidance Counselor to request classes to complete your graduation requirements for senior year.  This meeting will be set up by the counselor.



  • Take AP exams.

  • Stay on top of your grades.  Your Junior Transcript may be the first college admission officers see.



  • Look for a summer job, internship or co-op. Summer employment and internships look good on a college application or résumé. The money you earn can help pay application and testing fees.Talk with college students home for the summer.

  • Check your KEES award, GPA and personal information through MyKHEAA.

  • Visit College Campuses! This is a great time to mini-trips and visit.


* Adapted from the KHEAA website: www.kheaa.com

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