Incoming Freshman Scheduling

Welcome to the Fairdale Family.  We look forward to working with you these next four years. 

Please take a few minutes and read through the Description of Pathways and Description of Electives.  Some of you have applied to attend Fairdale and participate in a certain program/pathway.  Please be sure you choose that pathway when you complete the Schedule Request Form. 

*Some of you have already completed the form and do not need to complete one again. However, if you change your mind, you can do a second form if you need.  We will use the last form  you submit to create your schedule. The deadline for submission is Friday, June 26th. 

Just a note, that in the high school schedule, trying to choose the same classes as your friends is fine but it does not mean you will have the same class the same period.  Courses are offered multiple times during the day and throughout the year, so we suggest you choose the courses that you prefer and not try to match a friend. 

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