Science Benchmark:  24

40 questions divided over 7 sections in 35 minutes



Practice Tests and Questions:


Sample ACT Science Questions


Practice Test Questions


Practice Tests



Test Taking Tips and Strategies for the Reading Section of ACT:


How to Read Data


How to Read Graphs and Tables


As you read tables and graphs,

  • circle or identify variables on axes, and units such as ml or kg

  • note trends in graphs and tables, such as “increasing” , “decreasing”, “leveling out”, “no changes”

  • how is one graph or table related to another?


Analyzing Conflicting Viewpoints



As you read Conflicting Viewpoints:

What are the theories or points of view presented?

  • How are the two theories different from each other?

  • Are the two theories similar in any way?

  • What new data or ideas would support or weaken a point of view?


Summarizing Research Questions


As you read the Research Summaries:

  • Identify the key factors in the experiments, such as variables and design

  • What changes or remains the same in the experiment?

  • What is the researcher/experimenter trying to test or demonstrate?

  • How are the experiments similar or different?

  • What does each experiment predict?













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