Social and Emotional Counseling 

If you are interested in group counseling, please click on the button to the left and complete the google form.  A counselor will speak with you soon regarding your request. 

Services for Students

Disclaimer:  Please use the sites, links, and information provided throughout this webpage as a resource.  The information provided in this site should not be used to replace the expertise of medical or counseling professionals.


We are happy to be able to provide individual counseling services for students in our building.  Through our Youth Service Center we have Mrs. Susan,  from Louisville Counseling Associates and Mrs. Tamara from Kentucky Counseling Services.  Any student who is interested in receiving counseling services may make an appointment with Mrs. Alvey, Mrs. Heimann, Mr. James or Mrs. Smith to gain more information.

Group Counseling is normally presented by our own teachers during the CAT period.  This class time has been created for Guidance Lessons regarding topics including Suicide Prevention, Heatlhy Relationships, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Social Media, etc....


Group Counseling is also offered after school for special groups.  These groups are created by the needs of our students and formed by invitation.


State law requires that by September 15th of each year, every student in middle and high schools must receive an a Suicide Prevention/Awareness training.  This year our students will receive this training during their  College Access Time, CAT, on August 24.  We feel it is extremely important for students to be aware of warning signs to help prevent future tragedies.


Students can always reach out for help in the Counseling office, Assistant Principal office, to a teacher or any staff member. Help can also be received by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255), this is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and is available 24/7.