Twelfth Grade College Planning Timeline



  • Start off the school year on a good note. Keep doing your best in your classes. Narrow your list of schools and request admissions information from each.

  • Use the Getting In book from KHEAA and really research you college choices.

  • Request your personalized Getting the Facts – Your Personalized College Guide online through your MyKHEAA account.

  • Most early decision or early action admission deadlines are in October and November.

  • Use a planner to keep track of:

    • Test dates, fees and deadlines.

    • College application due dates.

    • Financial aid applications and deadlines.

    • Deadlines for requesting recommendation letters, transcripts and other necessary material. Ask people at least two weeks before you need them.

  • Register for the October ACT. You must take the ACT before you graduate from high school to qualify for a KEES bonus award.



  • Attend college fairs, visit colleges and meet with admission representatives.

  • Be sure to come to Fairdale’s College and Career Fair!

  • Apply for early decision if that’s your plan. Keep copies of everything you send.



  • Use Affording Higher Education and the Scholarship Search link on to find scholarships. Apply for all scholarships for which you are eligible.

  • Complete any college essays you have to submit. Have a teacher or parent proofread for mistakes.

  • Make a list of your top choices and begin preparing applications.

  • Register for the December ACT.



  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor to discuss graduation requirements to complete, college applications, acceptances, FAFSA, etc...

  • Finish and submit your college applications. Keep copies of everything you send.

  • Log In to Parchment and send transcripts to the colleges you selected.

  • Request your Federal Student Aid PIN at so you’re ready to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after Jan. 1.



  • Gather information you need to file the FAFSA. Submit it as soon as possible after Jan. 1. The best way to file is online

  • Complete any additional financial aid applications required by schools. Keep copies of everything you send.

  • Contact colleges to make sure they received your application.



  • Review college acceptance letters and compare financial aid offers.

  • Check the website for scholarship updates.

  • Be sure to look for the Fairdale Local Scholarships that will soon be out! These are exclusive to Fairdale students.



  • Make your final choice. Send acceptance letters, any other documents and deposits to the school you chose.

  • Review your Student Aid Report, which will tell you how much your family is expected to pay for your education. If any information is incorrect, make corrections online at

  • If selected for financial aid verification, be sure to complete these steps.


  • Confirm housing arrangements and send in any required deposits.

  • Watch dates for Scholarship deadlines!



  • Take AP Exams and do well on Finals! Submit scholarship acceptance forms.

  • Make sure you’ve returned all financial aid award notices.

  • Plan to attend freshman orientation and registration at your school of choice.



  • Make sure your final high school transcript is sent to the school you’ll attend.

  • Consider getting a summer job to help you pay some of your expenses.

  • Send thank-you notes to anyone who helped you during the application process.



  • Make a list of what you’ll need to take with you.

  • If you haven’t met your roommate, take time to get acquainted.

  • Check your school’s social media websites to connect with other students.



  • Make sure you have your housing documentation when you move into the dorm.

  • Review a campus map. Learn how to get around at your new school.

  • Buy your books and supplies after the first class meeting.

  • Work hard in your classes so your college career will be a success.



* Adapted from the KHEAA website:


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